In the News: Dog Run Filth

••• New York magazine has an “Encyclopedia of 9/11.” One entry is “America: An idea with many authors.”

••• “Thousands more Downtown residents may now receive compensation for their 9/11-related illnesses, after the federal government agreed to allow those who live as far north as Canal Street to apply.” (DNAinfo)

••• Curbed gets a tour of the new rental building 40 Gold.

••• The Daily News does its version of the downtown-is-back article that we’ve already seen and will no doubt see more of in the next 12 days. There’s nothing in it you don’t already know.

••• “At the maternity ward of New York Downtown Hospital, three boys and five girls were delivered during the 22 hours that an evacuation order was in effect for Lower Manhattan.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• “The new South Street dog run is so dirty that dogs are getting sick, owners say.” This one certainly doesn’t look well. (DNAinfo; photo by Ben Fractenberg courtesy DNAinfo)


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  1. Any idea what is happening w/dog park on Warren? It’s been closed for days.