In the News: Tribeca’s Most Hated Building?

••• The New Yorker reviews Brushstroke, or at least stops by, as it’s unclear if the writer enjoyed it. Anyway, at one point he mentions “shisito peppers,” which is wrong. They’re shishito peppers, which many folks confuse with the herb shiso. Finding a mistake in The New Yorker is such a rare treat.

••• The New York Times has a video/rendering thingamajig about the World Trade Center reconstruction.

••• Artnet profiles Peter Hionas, the fitness instructor who opened a gallery in his Franklin Street studio. Plus: Naked tattooed lady.

••• Zelda, the turkey that lives in Battery Park, survived Irene. (Broadsheet Daily)

Courtesy Curbed

••• Curbed takes a look at the retail spaces at 365 Broadway, the remarkably ugly renovated building at Franklin, where the storefronts have been revealed. I’m not sure I’d call it “Tribeca’s most hated building,” though.

••• “After 21 years in downtown Brooklyn, The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators is shifting its headquarters office across the river to lower Manhattan. The union, also known as CSA, which represents principals, assistant principals and other public school employees, has purchased a 32,019-square-foot commercial condominium at 40 Rector St.” Might as well, they’re always around here protesting. (Crain’s)

••• “On September 8, City Winery will open a new 30-seat restaurant within their downtown facility called The Barrel Room. The room will serve 11 wines on tap, served straight from the barrel, all made on premises, and chef Andres Barrera has come up with a new menu to go along with the wines.” No word yet on whether someone will be sitting on top of you, like in City Winery proper. (Eater)

••• Midtown Lunch says Bombay’s on Pearl is “the Indian gem” of FiDi.

••• “Parents who have long enjoyed spending hours with their kids, looking at art and creating it, can now mark their calendars for the official opening of the new and improved Children’s Museum of the Arts. Founded in Lower Manhattan in 1988, the organization is moving from its original SoHo location to a 10,000-square-foot former loading dock in Hudson Square at 103 Charlton St. The grand opening is set for Oct. 1.” (Downtown Express)


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