Photo Safari: Unnerved by Petco

Nancy Whiskey Pub parties the right way on Labor Day.

How had I never noticed this excellent sign on the Civil Service Book Shop's door?

On Thursday I spotted this couple (tourists?) holding a 9/11 photo up against W. Broadway. Not sure if it's poignant or creepy.

Says photographer Milo Hess: "Right after Hurricane Irene passed, Elvis the French bulldog made a beeline for his favorite store on Chambers—Unleashed by Petco—only to be bewildered. Where did it go? Poor little guy couldn't figure it out...."

So either a cyclist ran into it while ignoring it, or someone wants cyclists to stop ignoring it as they ride by it.

The dark cloud hanging over Trump Soho isn't just a metaphor....



  1. It looks like the couple taking that photo last week on West Broadway posted their photo here: