Seen & Heard: Super Linda

••• Progress at Super Linda, which has a snazzy new striped awning. UPDATE: The sign on Reade went up today, too. It’s at the bottom of this post.

••• Thanks to @Rekebki for recommending I try Pita Express at 15 Ann (just below City Hall Park). Great falafel! In a pita that’s not the same-old-supermarket kind. I’ll be going back to try more. P.S. It’s kosher, if that’s your bag.

••• Four World Trade Center now has an artwork around the base: It shows figures from “men at work” signs from various countries, à la the murals at 99 Church.

••• Does anyone else think it’s a little odd that “fun-loving married couple” Rebecca and Mark placed their we-want-your-baby ad in Our Town Downtown? (Has anyone else looked at Our Town Downtown?) I’m not mocking their trying to adopt; I just think it’s amusing that our area has been chosen for the kind of ad one normally sees in, um, less affluent parts of the country.

••• Taj Tribeca posted on Facebook that it’s not closing, despite the rumors. I hadn’t actually heard that rumor….

••• Last night, I was walking my dog through the Warren Street path at City Hall Park when two separate cyclists buzzed by me. I was thinking again how outrageous it is that the Department of Transportation is planning to remove the “Please dismount” signs once the construction in the park is completed, and how at the last CB1 Civic Center Committee meeting a rep said that no one has registered any complaints about the cyclists. I was vowing to formally complain when Howard surprised us both by pooping. I guess I was just far enough from it that the cyclist approaching figured she needn’t worry, and she ran right over it. You can complain, as I did, at You’re welcome to use some version of my email: “Please reconsider the decision to allow bikes in the Warren Street path of City Hall Park. Last night, I almost got hit by three separate bikes—sometimes people walk their bikes, but at night (when it’s most dangerous) they rarely do. I was surprised to learn that the ‘please dismount’ signs will come down when the construction is over, because this is an accident waiting to happen. I can’t think of another place downtown where cyclists and pedestrians are expected to share space, except the temporary path along West Street.”



  1. Obviously, Howard is not just another pretty face…
    but an astute social commentator as well.

  2. My pug and I almost get run over nightly by the Yawa sushi and Pakistan tea house bikes (or should I say motorbikes) that fly up the street.