New Kid on the Block: Sushein

Civic Center workers—along with anyone else interested in novelly served food—have a quirky new restaurant option: Sushein, which delivers sushi to tables via conveyor belt, has opened on Broadway just below Worth. Sushein’s other distinctive feature is that it’s kosher. “But we want people to know that everyone is welcome,” says Sheindi Kletzkin, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Israel. “We had an Arab group in the other day, and I went out of my way to give them special attention. All our managers but one are not Jewish. The restaurant is for everyone.”

Sushein (the name is a play off Sheindi) is the first restaurant from the New Jersey residents—she was a fashion designer, he was in printing—but they hope it’s not the last, as they’d like to export the concept elsewhere. “We knew about it from London and Paris. We thought it would be perfect for this location because it’s quick and easy. We’ve only been open three days, and we’ve already been filling up for lunch.” The restaurant serves dinner, too, and I can see kids especially taken by the conveyor.

The space is L-shaped, with the front door on Broadway and a locked rear door on Worth. On the Broadway side, the conveyor runs nearly the length of the room, flanked by five booths and bar seating for 18. The tables in the conveyorless dining room on Worth seat up to 22. While the items on the conveyor tend to be classics—the color of the Melamine plate indicates the price—the menu casts a wider net, and you can order from a server no matter where you’re sitting. And if the conveyor isn’t quick enough, you can always grab something from the takeout fridge by the front door.

Sushein is at 325 Broadway (bet. Worth and Thomas), 212-962-2500; Sushein closes Friday afternoon through Saturday, reopening on Sunday (it may yet open for Saturday dinner). Delivery is scheduled to start at the end of October.

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  1. I checked out the link in the last Trib newsletter & it went to the Sushein blog with the headliner pic showing lots of seafood including shrimp which is NOT KOSHER. I called them to let them know. If they advertise as kosher, you’d think they would have picked up on that!

  2. They’ve fixed the site up in the past few days, they were using all stock photographs and placeholders. Still, seeing shrimp in pictures of a place that is supposed to be kosher is jarring. They actually have menus and stuff up now. Credit for giving it their best shot…

  3. I was there Sunday and there was no shrimp on the menu. My daughter and I really enjoyed our lunch and the owner was very nice. She came by our table several times to see how everything was and even gave my daughter dessert sushi to take home.

  4. I was there early today. I had ordered a chicken dish, and the chicken was completely raw on the inside. I had asked them to take it back and cook it more and nearly 15 minutes later i get my food with a nice piece of hair to top of my lunch. Ontop of that my server smelled cigarette smoke and the manager was nowhere to be found when i asked to see him. Very unprofressional, unorganized, very pricey and a terrible experience.

  5. Dear Peter
    I apologies for your bad experience but next time try to be more smart
    We were not open on September 30 , because of the jewish holiday next time check the calendar before making a bad comment!,,,,

  6. lololol!! nice try peter! ur probaly one of those rotten souls who get a kick out of badmouthing other, be it people or stores, restaurants…. im happy sheindi was witty enuf to prove that ur a phoney! and btw, i cant get enuf of that place!! the most amazing dishes, one after another, starting from sushi all the way to meat dishes, steaks, soups and deserts!