Coming Up: Loft Tour, Dance Party, “Labyrinth” Sing-Along

“Hey Harmonica!” a solo show by Tamara Zahaykevich, is at Kansas: “The humble, wall-mounted and freestanding constructions of Tamara Zahaykevich have an undeniable rough-hewn charm. Fashioned from mostly cast-off, paper-related materials mined from the studio and street including Styrofoam, foam board, canned foam, found paper, paint and ink, the resultant objects are joyous celebrations of color, texture and form.”

At the World Financial Center’s Courtyard Gallery: “‘Tao/The Way’ features over 50 works of art including large-scale ink paintings, beautiful tea ceramics, and abstract expressionist calligraphy by Adam T. Bernard, who spent 11 years studying Taoism and Chan (Zen) in Taiwan while working for a range of local artists, from a master potter to a scroll-mounter.”

At 92YTribeca: “The Eclectic is a new concert series that gives a modern flair to the cabaret tradition. The evening features both standards and originals, representing a mix of pop, rock, musical theatre, R & B, country and jazz performed by Broadway’s finest and independent musicians. Produced by Rashad V. Chambers and Michael T, who also serves as music director and host.”

R 20th Century is excited to announce the second solo exhibition of works by Brazilian designer Hugo França. The exhibition will feature a stunning new series of massive Casulo—Portuguese for ‘cocoon’—sculptures in solid Pequi and Imbuia woods.” That’s one of his pieces above.

The free Pen Parentis Literary Salon presents Matt Costello and John Langan: “The ’emerging master of the elegant macabre’ (so named in Locus Magazine) shares the stage with the creator of such multimillion sellers as The 7th Guest to read from new work, sign books, and discuss how their writing careers were influenced by becoming parents.”

The 12th-annual Inside Tribeca Loft Tour, to benefit the Friends of Duane Park: “This year’s line-up of more than 10 lofts displays a wide variety of tastes and architecture with distinctive elements. They include an apartment that features a boxes-within-boxes architectural style, making up four bedrooms, each in a separate windowed box, so that the modern Danish furniture appears suspended in mid-air. Another apartment on view featured in Interior Design magazine was transformed from a raw asymmetrical space with exposed ducts and wires into a balanced, yin-yang centered living space […]. This space highlights a choice art collection with pieces from such well-known artists as Keith Haring, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol […]. Tickets are available in advance for $50 at or for $55 from Duane Park, at Hudson and Duane Streets, at 12:30 on the day of the tour.”

The McNeill Art Group Tribeca Project Space inside Artisan Lofts’ lobby presents The Westward Eye, “an exhibition that looks into the current state of the Los Angeles contemporary art scene, giving viewers a peek at artists who are continuing the legacy of the unique artistic vision of Los Angeles. Artists included are Nano Rubio [that’s his painting at left] , Karl Hahn, Stephanie Farr, Karen Chu, Alexander Kroll, Tony Brown, Scott Santangelo, and Samantha Thomas. An opening reception will take place on Friday, October 21st, from 6–9 p.m.” After that, it’s by appointment only.

“A new kind of party and a new kind of dance class” at 92YTribeca: New York Night Train’s Land of 1000 Dances. Jonathan Toubin, the DJ and brain behind the Soul Clap and Dance-Off, has been researching the dance crazes of the 1960s and finding ways to bring them to a contemporary club culture. Learn how to ‘pony’ like Bonie Maronie, ‘hitch hike’ across the floor, pass the ‘bug,’ and kill that ‘roach’! Georgia Walker, Sarah King and special guest dancers show you how the steps are done in front of B.A. Miale’s famous keytar-triggered visuals—which not only tell you the name of the steps, but show you old clips of your favorite artists performing them.” I’m so there. And I should warn you—I dance. You’ll know when I get really excited because I slap the floor.

92YTribeca hosts a sing-along screening of Labyrinth.


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  1. Do we have to wait a month for the Labyrinth singalong? That sounds like so much fun!