Seen & Heard: Studying Tribecans

••• I spotted a flyer in Kings Pharmacy from a grad student named Elizabeth Miller; she’s looking for Tribecans for a study she’s working on. I asked her more info, thinking some of you might want to volunteer: “I’m working on my doctoral dissertation in sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center. My dissertation focuses on the experiences of immigrants who work in Tribeca in various kinds of jobs. I’ve asked them about what they think about the neighborhood, and what their relationships are like with their employers, co-workers, and other people they encounter on the job, including local residents. So a smaller part of my study involves talking with employers, co-workers, and residents, too. I’m looking for some residents (about 20-25) to tell me a little bit about their own experiences in the neighborhood (such as what brought them to Tribeca, what kinds of relationships they’ve formed there) and their relationships with immigrants who work in the neighborhood. Depending upon how much one may want to talk, the interview could be 45 to 90 minutes. As per my school’s ethics protocol, all participants’ identities and identifying information are anonymous and confidential and participation is voluntary.” Why Tribeca? “Tribeca became my research site because I’ve worked there, myself, for five years and I now have two part-time jobs in the neighborhood. I’ve liked spending time in the neighborhood as I’ve gotten to know it, and have found it to be a great place to learn more about how immigrants are incorporated into urban communities.” The meetings take place anywhere you want; Miller says Peace & Love and Benvenuto have worked well. If you’re interested, email her at

••• Cristina Dos Santos is selling Just Shea, a labor of love for a number of downtown folks. Resident Wickham Boyle emailed some of the details a while ago, but I wanted to wait till people could buy it. Here’s what she said: “We are about to put labels onto the jars next Sunday in my loft. The design of the labels comes gratis from two super young designers who work for Todd Oldham. The chemical formula for the five different potions was donated by a very well-known company and we are about to launch this high-end cosmetics company where all the profits go to help the women of Ghana and all the assembly line is right here in good old Tribeca.” What’s not to like?

••• I planned on writing about my experience at the Stillspotting/”To a Great City” art exhibit going on around downtown, but I don’t want to ruin it. I don’t even want to describe it. All I’ll say is that I found one of the three non–Governor’s Island installations unbelievably beautiful (and if you wanted to skip the one in Battery Park, you could…). It’s up through this weekend, and tickets are $10.

••• Reader Jill asks: “Any idea why there are thousands of pennies all over the ground in the Financial District? Is it protest-related? Did the bankers decide to give back to the people?” Anyone know? Reminds me of when my parents first came to visit me in New York City, and I was mortified when my mom would stop to pick up a penny on the ground….


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