In the News: Sukkah Solution

••• “The Jewish group that hoped to build a sukkah in TriBeCa’s Duane Park has agreed to build it on a private lot instead, after residents voiced objections. […] The sukkah [will] rise on a small parking and storage lot at 70 Warren St., just west of West Broadway.” The photo is from Google Maps, which may want to send its Street View car around because it’s been a while since Housing Works opened (and subsequently closed) at the space next door. —DNAinfo

••• “Manhattan Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is calling attention to the 129 stalled construction sites in Manhattan in a 44-page report […]. Besides the bad publicity generated by a bunch of unfinished construction zones, the sites are neighborhood eyesores. […] In an offensive maneuver, Stringer proposes legislation permitting the city to partner with developers to convert stalled sites into temporary public spaces, similar to programs in San Francisco and Seattle that have turned dead zones into ‘vibrant street environments’ in the form of food vendors, parking, performing arts spaces, and greenmarkets.” —Curbed

••• “44 Laight Street, where another flipper scarfed most of the gain, but did he work for it?” —Manhattan Loft Guy

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  2. @Jim: It costs $600 to prove you’re not discriminating, but more on that tomorrow.