Young, Angry, and Often Semi-Naked

Photographer Milo Hess ventured over to Zuccotti Park and came back with some wonderful photos of the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors.

About the photographer: Milo Hess shoots freelance for Community Media and is a freelance art director/graphic designer specializing in corporate branding design. A former associate art director for WCBS TV, he also designed the on-air look of NY1 News when it came on the air in 1991; the more than 35 professional design awards he has received include five Emmy Awards for Outstanding Graphics in TV Design. He can be reached at

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  1. They call this Occupy Wall Street, but it just as easily could be called: “A Gathering of Juggalos”

    Looking a lot like a bunch of people pretending that they hate banks, when they really just hate capitalism and want to replace it wtih socialism. I think that 99% of the people protesting Wall Street don’t even know who GS/JPM is.

  2. This long-term Tribecan supports the Wall Street protesters in all their flavors.
    I went down to offer thanks and support, and I saw plenty of moms and dads and kids, nurses and chefs, union guys. You know, the very fabric of our neighborhood and our country. The defenders of the status quo are on the wrong side of this – as another great protester once said, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

  3. Well if anyone, naked or not, doesn’t think the banks took everyone for a ride, please pick up a newspaper. Bankers hate socialism unless they need to be bailed out by the general public, and then well…they try to avoid using the “S” word to describe TARP. More power to the people. I don’t care if they don’t have a 100 slide ppt presentation with a set of goals and demands. It is really just liberating to see people publicly criticize the money in the political system, and the system that has protected and nurtured the wealthy.

  4. Hi Milo,

    Just wanted to say that you caught some really great moments. Did you happen to also head over to the protest on the Brooklyn Bridge?

    -Chris Gampat

  5. Thx Chris. No. Didn’t make it over to the BB that night.