Pop-Up: Irene Neuwirth

The second installment of BOFFO Building Fashion 2011 has just opened at 57 Walker. (The first one, a glitzy collaboration between Nicola Formichetti and Gage/Clemenceau Architects, had to be held at 50 Walker because Ted Muehling, the previous tenant at 57 Walker, didn’t move out in time. The next three pop-ups will all be at 57 Walker.)

Anyway, it’s another winner. Jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth and Marc Fornes of architecture/design studio TheVeryMany have created an otherworldly, aquatic mise en scène; I kept imagining Barbarella chugging by in a submersible. A giant coral-like structure made of perforated gold-infused aluminum props up bell jars with terrariums and jewelry inside. Along one wall is a curtain of plants.

The jewelry is for sale—I didn’t take any close-ups because they weren’t allowing it (see Neuwirth’s site for examples of her work)—as is a tote bag with the designer’s non-pug on it. I neglected to ask the price, but proceeds go to BOFFO. By the way, the cotton in the bushes outside the store is there because Supima is a sponsor.

I asked BOFFO co-founder and director Faris Al-Shathir what would happen to the installation once the pop-up had deflated on Oct. 12. “I don’t know,” he said. “Do you want it?”

The shop is open noon to 7 p.m. (6 p.m. on Sunday).


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