Seen & Heard: New Subway

••• Yet another Subway sandwich shop is opening in the neighborhood, in the old Farinella space at 90 Worth. To be fair, it seems to be replacing the one (right) that was on the north side of the street.

••• In other Worth Street news, RBC NYC is having a contest to determine what RBC stands for. “No one knows!” says the sign. Actually, I know, but you won’t believe me if I tell you.

••• Poets House is having a sleepover. For real! “We invite our Members to an unforgettable overnight experience of dreaming, reading and writing ‘poetry of the night.’ Join us after hours at Poets House for poetry, discussion, and sleeping among the books of your favorite poets in our darkened stacks. Poet Kristin Prevallet will lead our group of dreamers through a poetic hypnotic induction prompting poetic dreams and inspiration. In the morning, our guests will be encouraged to write and share what surfaces.”

••• NYC Dads Group is partnering with Tribeca Parenting to launch a series of New Dad Boot Camps. The Tribeca Boot Camp will be held on Saturday, November 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Tribeca Parenting. “It’s an opportunity for expectant and new dads to connect with veteran dads (and their babies) for a frank discussion on the experience of becoming a father. We’ll talk about the opportunities and rewards of personally caring for our children as dads demonstrate holding, burping, changing, swaddling, and comforting crying babies.”

••• Long-time-coming Water Street restaurant SamSara opens tonight. (It’s next to Bridge Café.)



  1. Thanks for sharing news about the New Dad Boot Camps, Erik. Really appreciate it!


  3. The sign in the window of RBC while they were building it out said “Really Bad Coffee”