Seen & Heard: Carini Lang

••• Carini Lang is having its annual sale Oct. 13–15; carpets will be 50% to 70% off. Click that link for a preview. Someone please buy me the “White Russian Tiger” one.

••• Christina Lehr is carrying menswear, or at least two Inhabit sweaters. The other is a hoodie. I asked if more menswear was on the way, the answer was a maybe that sounded like a yes.

••• I always get confused as to exactly what will be where in the Goldman Sachs Dining & Entertainment Complex. I was prowling around there the other day, and I got some clarity. Directly across from Shake Shack, along Murray, will be François Payard Bakery. Next door along the arcade is the eyewear store Artsee. The third storefront from Murray is the Vintry Fine Wines shop.

••• I took Howard over to the Seaport this morning, and we made the mistake of walking home along Frankfort, which is kind of a war zone of construction. I guess I hadn’t been there in a long time, because an entire building has gone up (well, mostly) at the corner of Front and Frankfort. Not sure if you’ll be able to tell from the photo, but the façade is interesting—the wooden window frames, which are just being installed, protrude quite a bit from the wall.


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