In the News: Big Protest Today

••• 153 Franklin, formerly Chez Strauss-Kahn, has lowered its asking price to $12.5 million. —Curbed

••• The Occupy Zuccotti Park Wall Street/unions protest this afternoon will start in Foley Square and go to Wall Street. (Thanks again to Milo Hess for the Occupy Wall Street photos!) —DNAinfo

••• “Upset over a Department of Education plan that would cut Tribeca in half, parents who live in north Tribeca said the proposal would separate them from their community and be unsafe.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Colson Whitehead’s new novel, Zone One, is about post-plague Manhattan, where zombies roam. The non-zombies “reclaimed the island up to Canal Street, where they have built a wall.” A wall? Why hadn’t I thought of that? P.S. I’m not that interested in the whole zombvie trend, but I think of them every time I get behind someone who’s walking and texting. They move like I imagine zombies would. —New York Observer

••• “The Manhattan loft #4C at 137 Duane Street that just sold for $949,000 was marketed with a floor plan that was billed as “approximately 825 square feet” (bless that babbled modifier!), but when it was sold by the sponsor just after The Peak at $743,322 that floor plan was only “725 sq ft”. It is obvious from the two floor plans that the loft is, in fact, now larger than when it was sold by the developer, with the addition of that walk-in closet space (said to be 8’7” x 8’0”). I don’t think I have ever seen a Manhattan loft grow like that before, except when two lofts have been combined and some (formerly) common hallway space has been annexed.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• The New York Times reviews “Benito Cereno” at the Flea.

••• Thom Browne is launching eyewear with the L.A. brand Dita and he plans on opening more stores. —The Australian


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