Seen & Heard: Skateboard Truck

••• Something is (finally) happening in the old Wow Café space at the northwest corner of Broadway and White.

••• I had decided to ignore the anti-psychiatry pop-up “exhibit” at 368 Broadway—every time some crackpot rents a storefront I have to venture in?—but a reader said I should. The people were nice, but it creeped me out—not just the premise, but that they (a) cared so much, and (b) really seemed to think they might make a difference. I asked how long it’d be open, and I was told Oct. 29. When I admitted that I needed a couple seconds to figure out how long that’d be, I was informed that I had better watch out or I’d get diagnosed with a “disorder.” (I think it was a half-joke.) The pop-up is put on my something called the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Click that at your own risk.

••• Tre Truck—”the world’s first mobile skateboard shop”—is occasionally parked across from the Hudson River Park’s skate park at Harrison. It sells snacks, too. Maybe all the hollering skaters who just tied up Broadway, causing cars to honk, which caused my dog to bark, which took me away from my flower-arranging (feeling very old today)—will go visit it.

••• Bubby’s is opening an outpost in Tokyo this February. (There’s already one in Yokohama.)

••• Remember how I was obsessing about 48 Warren? A reader looked into it, and said it “looks like a conversion that ran out of money, but who knows?” In other words, it could be a vampire house.



  1. The Citizen’s Comm. on HR is the Church of Scientology. Not surprised it gave you an itchy feeling.

  2. @David: I thought it might be, but I couldn’t even go to the group’s website. I prefer to look away.

  3. I saw several people coming out of 48 Warren last week. Maybe they are just doing work on the inside for now?