In the News: 55 Warren Light Show

••• “First Unit Finally Closes at Tribeca’s Long-Delayed V33” [a.k.a. 33 Vestry] —Curbed

••• “CB1’s Youth and Education Committee opposes the plan to cut P.S. 234’s zone in half. [..] Committee members said it would be better to keep P.S. 234’s current zone intact, even if that means another kindergarten lottery and waitlist next fall. […] The community board’s opinion is advisory, and the District 2 Community Education Council will make the final decision on whether to accept the Department of Education’s proposal.” —DNAinfo

By William Weber (courtesy Curbed)

••• There was a party at 55 Warren penthouse. I really need to check my spam folder more often; I’m sure my invitation is there somewhere. Anyway, “there’s an advanced LED projection system that can generate up to 80 colors for a light show displayed on the spa terrace, the building facade, and the windowless tower at 33 Thomas Street.” Pretty sure shooting a light show four blocks up to the AT&T Long Lines Building is not going to go over well with the neighbors. P.S. I seem to recall from my days experimenting with colored light bulbs that no one looks good in blue light, and I doubt LED technology changes matters much. —Curbed

••• The New York Times on Tribeca Twelve, the Hazelden facility for recovering college students that you read about here last week.



  1. Someone posted a comment praising the blue light that I marked as spam, not because I disagree—I still think it looks like an Atlanta nightclub—but because the comment had a URL for colored light bulbs embedded in it. Feel free to try again without the URL.

  2. Erik

    This event was held by Vantage, a home automation and lighting controls manufacturer. I will make sure you are invited to the next one!

  3. Thanks, Nick. Just so you know, I complain regularly about not getting invited to events, and when I am invited I rarely go. It’s hard to explain.