In the News: François Payard Bakery

••• François Payard Bakery opens next Friday in the Goldman Sachs Dining, Shopping & Entertainment Complex: “The bakery has the same look and feel as the original location over on West Houston Street, and they’ll serve pastries and breakfast sandwiches in the morning, soups, salads, quiches, and sandwiches for lunch, and a variety of cakes and tartes throughout the day.” —Eater, which has the menu

••• “As all of New York City pols struggle to find the right tone in talking about Occupy Wall Street, none perhaps have struggled quite as much as [city council member Margaret] Chin, who has been aggressively low profile since the protests first landed in her neighborhood three weeks ago. For one thing, Ms. Chin is the only member of the City Council for whom Occupy Wall Street is more of a constituent concern than a global protest movement, as a horde of new residents have helped transform the financial district from an office park into a neighborhood where one must dodge $400 strollers and designer dogs.” You don’t actually have to dodge them. We will happily run right over you. Plus: $400 if you’re lucky. “Although she doesn’t like to talk about it much these days, Ms. Chin, a soft-spoken, 4’11″ immigrant from Hong Kong, who has lived in or near Chinatown since moving to the U.S. at the age of 9, got her start in community activist circles while a student at City College as a member of the Communist Workers Party, and in particular a local off-shoot called Asian-Americans for Equality.” —Politicker

••• Jim Carrey looked at a $6 million penthouse duplex in the Zinc Building. —New York Post

••• “Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were so taken with classical guitarist Nilko Andreas after his performance during their dinner [at the Tolani pop-up inside Theater Bar] that they invited Andreas back to their downtown loft for a late recording session.” Presumably not the Paris Hilton kind. —New York Post

••• Damon Dash’s old apartment in the Atlanata building raised its price. —Curbed

••• “Occupy Wall Street protesters vowed Thursday to clean their Zuccotti Park encampment themselves—rather than submit to the city’s plan to have the park professionally cleaned.” It’s still everyone’s park, folks. —DNAinfo


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  1. “You don’t actually have to dodge them. We will happily run right over you.” THIS!