Seen & Heard: Beach Street Construction

••• François Payard Bakery’s new BPC location is not opening tomorrow as has been widely reported. Peut-être Monday.

••• Starting Wednesday (October 26), the Hudson water main project begins work on Beach Street—for “approximately four months.” I think they said something similar about Franklin….

••• Came across this on Twitter: “4TALENT takes over Tribeca this Thursday @ 8pm. MaryAnn’s—Downstairs lounge. 53 Greenwich St corner Greenwich and Harrison. Complimentary Margarita on us…” MaryAnn’s has a downstairs lounge? Here’s what 4Talent’s Facebook page says (if you can find it—the first thing that comes up is a company called Valentina): “4Talent was created to feed the living ideology of life, art and the pursuit of $$$ to fund enormous film and music dreams. In times of despair and disarray we provide what you’ve been missing. From an early age the members of 4Talent have been nurtured in an environment of eclectic sounds. Now we have decided to give back by providing a taste of funky and sexy beats.”

••• The Museum of the City of New York reminded me that it has an exhibit about architect Kevin Roche: “One of his most stellar buildings in lower Manhattan is the former JP Morgan headquarters, on Wall Street, where through an arrangement of windows at the top of the building, this architect created the illusion of classical columns of antiquity—a post-modern tip-of-the-hat to the ancients.” (I think that’s it pictured.) Sounds intriguing! We may have to venture AboCa.



  1. That’s actually among the least of Mr. Roche’s buildings. He’s one of this country’s most brilliant and most undervalued architects, imo. As long as you’re going AboCa (gasp) check out the Ford Foundation bldg. on 43rd betw. 1st and 2nd. It’s an architecture education in itself. He’s also gracious and endearing on a personal level – not traits you often associate with groundbreaking, Pritzker Prize-winning architects. This looks like a great show for MCNY.

  2. We would not have had to go AboCa if Mr Bloomberg had honored Mr. Giuliani’s promise to the MCNY and given them the Tweed Courthouse. Bloomberg gave it to the Dept. of Education for his self-vaunted program to revolutionize public education in NYC. An obvious failure. The Museum had plans drawn up, but unfortunately, Bloomberg prevailed.