In the News: Occupy Wall Street Arrests?

••• “What is the ‘bigger’ (more impressive) way to describe a 1-bedroom loft: as a $3mm sale, or as ‘1,886 sq ft’? Both descriptions apply to the Manhattan loft #7C at 25 N. Moore Street (the Atalanta). Both are impressive, but the strange thing about this footprint is that it works very well as a 1-bedroom but has little flexibility to create a second (real, windowed) bedroom—despite being ‘1,886 sq ft’ and having long north and east walls of windows. (Without major renovation, that is.) There is a market for a luxury 1-bedroom loft in Tribeca. (A surprisingly deep one, in fact.)” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “The Battery Park City committee of Community Board 1 is taking up the cause of locals who fear that ferry emissions from some of NY Waterway’s boats, which dock near Rockefeller Park, are dirtying their air. But NY Waterway is offering assurances that changes are in the works.” —Broadsheet Daily

••• A pizzeria food truck called Papa Perrone is opening a brick-and-mortar shop at 36 Water (near Coenties Slip). —Midtown Lunch

••• “More arrests are coming for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Mayor Bloomberg announced this morning that the city is going to take a hard line with demonstrators making camp in Lower Manhattan after going easy on the throngs for weeks. ‘We will start enforcing that more,’ he said of rules requiring permits for marches and assemblies.” Civil disobedience actually leading to arrest? Wow. —New York Post

••• “MTV’s ‘The Real World’ is looking to add a new archetype to its collection: Occupy Wall Street protester. The groundbreaking reality show, now in its 26th season, placed an ad on Craigslist Monday announcing its search for a participant in the demonstrations.” I wonder whether OWS protester will end up being more popular than Steve Jobs as a Halloween costume this year…. —DNAinfo

••• The New York Times‘s Real Estate section followed one Jeff Csoka’s hunt for an apartment in Manhattan. “Csoka turned down a walk-up building in Tribeca with no washer and dryer. ‘I wanted to see if the neighborhood was enough to make it worth it,’ he said, ‘but I decided it really wasn’t.'”


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  1. Time to go away Occupy Wall Street, give us our park back.