In the News: Shinola

••• Bedrock Brands, which is an investor in Steven Alan, bought 177 Franklin, which had been on the market as a private residence. It’ll house Steven Alan corporate offices. Where it gets really interesting: “Steven Alan […] said Bedrock would use the ground floor space for the launch or rather relaunch of a once-famous American brand: Shinola [….] Bedrock has filed for trademark rights over the Shinola name for a multitude of products from shoe polish to cosmetics, handheld electronic devices, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, toys, and sporting equipment.” —Wall Street Journal

••• “It has been four years this month since the Department of Buildings slapped vacate orders on 287 Broadway, the 1872 cast iron landmark at the corner of Reade Street. And still its six floors stand empty. Still, too, artist Cora Cohen, 67, is without the top-floor loft where she lived and painted for 35 years.” The building’s owners appear to be stalling. —Tribeca Trib

••• “I don’t know enough about yoga to pun well (as you are about to find out), but the quite flexible sellers of the “2,554 sq ft” Manhattan loft #21B at 270 Broadway (Tower 270) had to be flexible to get a deal: they started the most recent marketing campaign at $2.7mm on May 20, but the drop to $2.495mm on July 19 is what did the trick … that, and the negotiating flexibility to take another deep haircut to sign the contract by August 30 that just closed (on October 14) at $2.065mm.” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “Two skilletfishes, previously unknown in the Hudson River, have been found by researchers at The River Project.” —Downtown Express


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  1. Enough with the term “launch” already…..jeesh….can’t you newbies come up with creative language? perhaps unveil,creation,jump-off,,first crack out of the box….you’ve got the picture