In the News: Nam Is Closed

••• This doesn’t belong in an “In the News” roundup because it’s not secondhand, but so what; my blog, my rules. Nam has closed, and it evidently went out with a bang. As you read here first, the space will become a Kama Sutra position an Asian restaurant called Lotus Blue.

••• “David Bouley took away 28 seats from the Bouley dining room to carve out a niche for his new haute-dining ‘experiment,’ the 8-seat Chef’s Pass. It’s been open on the hush-hush for a few weeks for VIPs, whose intel describe it as a new private dining ‘adventure.’ Exactly what goes on in there besides eating and drinking? A little gardening with a vegetable and herb-filled greenhouse; some chit-chat, as Bouley himself explains the ingredients and methods of his new creations […]; and yes, Skyping with guest winemakers and farmers, on a 65-inch 3-D television. (Bonus: stylish 3-D glasses included).” Which is great, but I still want to know whether Bouley Studio is going to reopen. (No. —God.) —Zagat

••• “The developers of the Trump Soho were so worried about disgruntled buyers joining a lawsuit against the condo-hotel that they preemptively offered 50 percent refunds to any buyers who agreed not to sue. But some decided they could get a better deal going the legal route—with a suit based on those inflated sales numbers—and that’s just what they did! The buyers involved in the lawsuit will get back 90 percent of their deposits, the Post reports, a total of $5.197 million on 10 condos.” —Curbed

••• “Last month, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Durst Organization, began a formal search for companies to run the observation deck at the top of [One World Trade Center]. The Port Authority and Durst, which jointly control the under-construction tower, are planning a three-story observation deck that would open in summer 2014 [….] Set to take up the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors of the building, the owners want to find an operator by mid-2012.” —Wall Street Journal


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  1. Sorry about Nam. Always enjoyed the food, it was reliably good and affordable.