In the News: Occupy Wall Street

Courtesy Joey Boots

••• A Brookfield security guard working at Zuccotti Park said, “Your fly’s open, faggot” to a guy pointing a video camera at him. —Towleroad

••• As a security precaution, Brookfield closed the World Financial Center and Liberty Street Overpass to the public yesterday (they may still be closed). —Broadsheet Daily

••• “In New York, where the police temporarily evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park early Tuesday, and in other cities, dozens of organizers maintained that the movement had already reshaped the public debate. They said it no longer needed to rely solely on seizing parks [….] They said they were already trying to broaden their influence, for instance by deepening their involvement in community groups and spearheading more of what they described as direct actions, like withdrawing money from banks, and were considering supporting like-minded political candidates.” —New York Times

••• Or not! “The Occupy Wall Street ’99 percenters’ are commemorating the two-month mark since the birth of their movement with a day of action—starting with an attempt to shut down the New York Stock Exchange. Details of how they intend to do that are vague, but sources within the protest said it will involve an attempt to shut down service at the Fulton Street subway hub and may also involve attempts to block traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. City officials said they are prepping for ‘tens of thousands’ of protesters in what would they believe could be the largest showing of public disobedience in recent memory.” —DNAinfo

••• “Come late 2013, Battery Park City will have a new but temporary bike path, as the city continues work on a permanent route that will eventually line the periphery of Battery Park and connect to the East River waterfront esplanade.” —Downtown Express

••• “As parent opposition mounts over a proposed zoning plan to send some Tribeca kindergartners to P.S. 1 in Chinatown next year, the principal of the school says that she, too, is wary of the plan.” —Tribeca Trib


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  1. It seems that the Brookfield Security Company needs to have their employees attend a sensitivity course or possibly a simple course in common sense and how not to act like an arse just because they are wearing the uniform some less than prestigious company issued to them! Wake up and get it together Brookfield! I know I certainly would not hire them for anything! KV Schmitt