Seen & Heard: Fulton Street Transit Center

••• Have you checked out the Fulton Street Transit Center lately? It’s a bit Close Encounters.

••• Asphalt Green BPC’s opening is now delayed to at least Feb. 1.

••• Next week, the City Hall and Bowling Green Greenmarkets will be open Tuesday and Wednesday; the W. Broadway (former Zuccotti Park) and Staten Island Ferry Terminal ones will be open Tuesday; the WFC and Tribeca ones will be open Wednesday. The Tribeca market will be open Saturday, as usual.

••• From Pier 25 (the golf course etc.): “We are now closed for the 2011 season. We may open on warmer days. We’ll post it [on their Facebook page].”

••• Blackboard Eats has a deal for Plein Sud, which I only mention because the rave-happy blurb says the restaurant has a “terrific new French chef” named Sebastien Agez. According to the Chef and Restaurant Database, he has worked at these restaurants since 2010: The Lotos Club, Matisse, Savanna’s, La Sirene, and the Russian Tea Room.


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  1. Just walked by today. It does have an other-worldly kinda vibe.