In the News: New School Plan

••• “The Department of Education unveiled its third—and final—zoning proposal for Lower Manhattan Monday night, which will leave the zone for the sought-after P.S. 234 intact, rather than carving it up and sending some Tribeca children to other neighborhoods. However, a DOE official warned that even though P.S. 234’s zone will remain untouched under the latest plan, not all children who are zoned for the school will receive a kindergarten seat there next fall.” —DNAinfo; Tribeca Trib has the map. A thought: Were the previous proposals the DOE’s way of getting parents comfortable with more waiting lists?

••• “An over 20,000 square foot retail space at 100 Broadway formerly occupied by the bookselling chain Borders has found a new taker. Walgreens has reached a deal to lease the space for about $2 million in annual rent according to sources with knowledge of the transaction. The drug store giant will either operate its own store in the location or use the space for a Duane Reade [….] In some retail circles, the deal may come as a bit of a letdown.” —New York Observer

••• New York Magazine on how the newfangled gefilte fish at Kutsher’s Tribeca came to be.

••• Curbed on a New York Times article about New York by Gehry: “The Times also has a few vital stats updates: the building is 60 percent occupied, and all floors up to 60 are open for renters. Among the units yet to hit market are three penthouses, which will be asking $40,000, $45,000, and $60,000/month and geared toward ‘a person who has multiple homes and entertains a lot.'”

••• Nicky Hilton (flashback!) has been spotted looking at apartments in Tribeca. —New York Post (who else?)



  1. Borders – Just what we need…another Duane Reade. Yawn. What a waste of space. Should have opened a downtown Apple Store other than SOHO.

  2. or a combination Eataly and Apple Store LOL

  3. At least it’s not another nail salon !
    (oops… sorry… could not help…)

  4. I want the Eataly and Apple store – far better use of space!

  5. Whoever they are, let’s hope they don’t cover up that beautiful ceiling.

  6. What about Trader Joes??????