In the News: Dangerous Intersections

••• TenOverTen now has a nail polish line. (Wait, is blue nail polish “over”? Or is over the new chic? So confused.) —T Magazine

••• A Wall Street Journal about how the construction in Battery Park City is just about done includes the detail that the Pier A renovation is supposed to be done by fall 2012. (The rest of it is news-free.) Pier A is going to be an oyster bar and an event space or something like that.

••• Maybe Melanie is coming to Zuccotti Park! After all, Jackson Browne just played there (along with “Third Eye Blind Guy,” in DNAinfo‘s phrase).

••• “No store has struggled with the barricades more than the Milk Street Cafe at 40 Wall St., which laid off 21 workers at the height of the protests in late October and on its last leg. ‘Unless we get a Hail Mary, it’s a matter of days, maybe a week or two,’ Marc Epstein, the cafe’s owner, said Wednesday.” —DNAinfo

••• “On Tuesday evening, for the second time since September, a car hit a pedestrian on Rector Place and South End Avenue. The crossing is frequently used by residents as they travel to and from the Rector Street Bridge, as well as by local students traveling between home and school.” —Broadsheet Daily

••• “The parents and children at Spruce Street School (PS 397) will start the holiday season off a little safer thanks to the efforts of local elected officials. Last week, the New York City Department of Transportation reported that it had installed a traffic signal on Gold Street at the Beekman Street intersection, and will install another signal at the Spruce Street intersection by the end of this week. Additionally, the DOT said it will soon begin work on installing ‘No Standing 7am to 4pm School Days’ signs for school bus pick-up and drop-off locations on Williams Street and Spruce Street.” —Broadsheet Daily


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