In the News: Circular Lawn Saved

••• The circular lawn outside the World Financial Center won’t be bisected by a path after all; Brookfield won’t say why it came to its senses changed its mind. —Broadsheet Daily

••• Remember those “Missing Tortoise” flyers? “Filmmaker Chris Jakesson said a friend taking care of Cheeseburger accidentally left the tortoise in a box in the hallway—and a neighbor thoughtlessly took it outside and let it go. He’s been looking for it ever since and suspects he went underground for the fall and winter. ‘We’re hoping he’ll bury himself and in the spring will pop up,’ said Jakesson. ‘So if anyone sees a tortoise walking down the street…'” —Daily News

••• “Workers installing a new steam pipe on Fulton Street this fall stumbled across an archaeological treasure trove of more than 5,000 objects dating back to the turn of the 19th century.Among the discoveries made in an old basement foundation at 40 Fulton St. were a bone toothbrush, a copper half-penny and hundreds of shards of pottery.” Five thousand years from now, they’ll discover fast-food containers. —DNAinfo

••• “The Battery Park City Authority is calling on residents to point their cameras at tour buses idling or parking illegally in the area, in an effort to pressure the Department of Transportation to tackle the growing problem.” —Tribeca Trib

Pier A (as seen last February)

••• Grub Street learned more on the plans for Pier A: “The aforementioned oyster bar will be located at the end of the pier, with indoor and outdoor dining. The rest of the ground floor will be taken up by a beer garden. Upstairs, a restaurant serving ‘a tribute to local fish and local produce’ will occupy the second floor, ‘not unlike the Harry’s menu, but with a bit more focus on seafood,’ McDonald says, while the third floor will be dedicated to events.”

••• Fashion designer Nicole Miller hosted a book-promo cooking class in her Tribeca penthouse, and Racked attended.

••• A night at Uncle Mike’s. —Stay Thirsty


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