In the News: Bogardus Plaza to Be Made Permanent?

••• “The ‘temporary’ pedestrian plaza that occupies a one-block stretch of Hudson Street in Tribeca is on its way to becoming permanent. Friends of Bogardus Garden wants to keep the street, between Chambers and Reade streets, car-free and pedestrian friendly. They will be looking for the blessing of Community Board 1’s Tribeca Committee at its meeting on Wednesday. If they get that support, it appears that the city’s Department of Transportation will back them.” CB1’s approval isn’t a foregone conclusion: During the initial approval process, members of the Tribeca committee were adamant that it not become permanent. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I kind of miss being able to take a taxi up Hudson from Chambers, and I’ve never loved the green paint, but it’s nice seeing people use the plaza. Anyone have thoughts?—Tribeca Trib

••• “The Milk Street Cafe will close its doors for good on Thursday, after struggling for months with a loss of business due to police barricades that appeared on Wall Street during the protests this fall.” —DNAinfo

By Julie Shapiro (courtesy DNAinfo)

••• “Over the weekend, electrical workers at 1 World Trade Center began installing colored wrappers around the lights in the 90-story tower, creating a festive display that glows red, green, yellow, blue, pink and purple.” —DNAinfo

••• “Private sale of 150 Nassau Street loft with high-floor premium or neighborly extortion,” asks Manhattan Loft Guy

••• “Around a month ago, there was an attempted dognapping in front of the Gristedes at West Thames Street and South End Avenue. A man made off with a 50 to 60 pound mutt. ‘With the help of the Battery Park City Parks Enforcement Patrol the owner was lucky enough to chase the thief down and get the dog back, but the guy who took the dog got away,’ the [BPCA] Dog Association reported.” —Downtown Express



  1. From a traffic flow point of view it would make much more sense to close Reade between Hudson and West Broadway. But I do love having a non-grass out door space, so I will take what I can get.

  2. Guess we will see how “adamant” they were about it not being permanent. I mean, you can’t not abide by a resolution. Those things are like the word of God. They were “adamant” about the police horse stables coming back…and they’re coming back. No doubt.

  3. I always wonder about people who leave their dogs tied up outside of stores, especially that Gristedes. The dogs never seem happy about it, and it has got to be the perfect opportunity for a dognapper.

  4. @Doug: I used to live near a Starbucks in the West Village, and it drove me CRAZY when people would tie up their dogs only to have the dogs bark and bark and bark and bark. I finally called the Starbucks and said I would walk over and cut the leash if they didn’t start telling dog owners to behave considerately. Luckily, they believed me.

  5. I’ve said the same thing to parents who let their children yell & scream on the sidewalks. Note to parents: No, we don’t think your children are cute.

  6. And while were at it, could Julie Menin please pass a resolution against playing your boombox outside of the Duane Read on Greenwich? Thank you.

  7. @Erik: I like the cut of your jib, sir!

  8. Re: Bogardus Plaza- like the space, hate the green paint. I’d like to see Reade closed instead though too.
    Re: Boombox on Greenwich – dial up the crazy! It amuses every time I walk by.*

    * I recognize that I can only say this because I don’t live within 100 meters.

  9. LOVE Bogardus Plaza. I have kids, so maybe it’s different for others, but it has been such a phenomenal community space. 100% supportive of it becoming permanent.

  10. Miss the turn up Hudson Street from Chambers…You have to drive to far east…ridiculous. It’s hardly a nice spot…Friends of Bogardus should actually open up the real park next to said street. and be done with it.