New Kid on the Block: CrossFit 212

“I looked at a lot of places below 14th Street, and this just felt right,” says Jim McDade, explaining how he chose 84 Franklin for his new fitness facility, CrossFit 212. “I bid on an apartment years ago in Tribeca and ever since, I’ve always wanted to be here.” (He lives in the Village.)

Any signs of the former tenants—an “ideas agency” called Cake and an ad agency whose name I can’t remember—are gone. McDade had the two-level space gutted, the better to show off the skylight in back and the high brick walls, including some awesome old stonework.

CrossFit isn’t just a name; it’s a fitness regime. “CrossFit started in Santa Cruz about ten years ago with a bunch of people working out in a garage,” says McDade. “It incorporates weightlifting, running, and gymnastics movements. The fusion of the three produces great results.” When I said that I had just read about it somewhere else, McDade said that ESPN has been showing CrossFit competitions, which is why it’s in the zeitgeist. That said, you don’t have to be superfit to do it. The first routine McDade puts everyone through is called the Cindy (no, I don’t know why—just enjoy it): 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats. “It’s to acclimate them to the push, pull, and squat,” he says, and if you can’t do pull-ups, you can do a horizontal pull. The classes are all groups, although one-on-one training is available.

McDade also has a company called Agile Fitness, which makes home-exercise equipment, and it’s affiliated with CrossFit 212. “But CrossFit 212 is all about getting in front of people,” he says, so stop by and say hi.

CrossFit 212 is at 84 Franklin (between Church and Broadway), 917-301-1811; Members can sign up for the daily drop-in rate, six-packs, or unlimited monthly access (the latter is $195 through December, then $225).

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