In the News: Manhattan Bridge Park

••• In the latest chapter of How Not to Fire People (or Run for Mayor): “Six weeks after the Battery Park City Authority fired 19 of its staff, the organization moved toward addressing some of the grievances aired publicly by the discharged employees—such as requests for more severance and an interim extension of health benefits. At Tuesday’s board meeting, the first since October, the Authority agreed to formulate a severance policy that will be applied retroactively to the termination of the former staffers.” —Broadsheet Daily

••• Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are said to be looking at an apartment in 427 Washington. —Curbed

Via Curbed

••• “To many, skateboarders and an enjoyable day in the park are like oil and water—they just don’t mix. […] It’s too bad they can’t be all sent to a park under a bridge down by the river. That’s actually where New York’s most ambitious plan for a renovated skate park is planned—in Chinatown’s Coleman Park under the Manhattan Bridge. The prize-winning design to renovate Coleman Park by HAO/Holm Architecture Office and VM Studios doesn’t isolate skaters in their own park of exile, however, but turns Coleman into a multi-use space under the Manhattan Bridge that can be used for film screenings, live music performances, public events, as well as dangerous stunts that we’ll just never understand.” —Curbed

••• “It took a while, and many price drops, for the ‘1,473 sq ft’ Manhattan loft #1180 at 101 Warren Street to finally sell on November 30 for $1.975mm. Staying on the market from January to the October contract shows persistence, and the five price drops from April to September shows a certain motivation. But I am most intrigued by the intro to the broker babble (sparing you the CAPS): Fire sale! Way below market ….” —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• It’s Joey’s Pepperoni vs. Roll and Go in the battle of the $1 slices. —Downtown Lunch

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