Seen & Heard: Lisa Mackey Pop-Up Shop

••• I noticed that something was up at 45 White a week or two ago, but I forgot about it. Then, today, I saw that there was a sign in the window: “Mackey & Co., 11–7 p.m.” According to the Internet, it’s a pop-up shop, open through Christmas, from Lisa Mackey Design.

••• It looks like Christina Lehr is prepping her kids’ line.

••• According to the Downtown Alliance, another local café is expanding downtown: “The ever-popular Blue Spoon Coffee on Chambers & Broadway is opening a second location at 90 William in the coming months.” I was tempted to not mention that this came from the Downtown Alliance because it’ll retweet anyone’s news but mine—and I live below Chambers!—but my better self won. Sort of.

••• Rosanjin is “temporarily closed for kitchen repair,” per a sign in its window.

••• Another $1 slice joint, Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza, has opened on Broadway, at the northwest corner of White (where a café/deli used to be—I think the name had White in it?); that’s a block from Roll and Go. I can’t tell—or work up the interest to investigate—whether it’s related to Joey Pepperoni in Brooklyn.



  1. Was that the old WOW Cafe site?

  2. @David: Yes! I knew the name had “White” in it!

  3. it’s not related, not in ownership and definitely not in taste. if you ever had a matzah (Passover food) it kind of taste like that but with sauce and cheese. Even thou its a dollar dont waist your money.