TCQ&A: Stephen Dimmick

I came across makeup artist Stephen Dimmick on Twitter, which led me to his website (Daily Dimmick), which is simultaneously heartfelt and fabulous. And it shows some of his work for such outlets as Italian Vogue, Numero, and Time Style & Design.

1. How long have you lived in the area? Five years. Where did you move from? Park Slope. Where are you originally from? Brisbane, Australia.

2. Married? Partnered? If so, what’s his/her name and occupation? Married. He’s a magical man by the name of Jonathan and he’s an oncology nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

3. Kids? Pets? We have four beautiful dogs. Two miniature Schnauzers, both 7 and girls by the names of Max and Lucy (no not Maxine, just Max). One Shih Tzu, 12, whose name is Lady. One Chihuahua named Pinky. We just adopted Lady and Pinky yesterday from Bideawee. Pinky has a neurological disorder called cerebellar ataxia which means his legs don’t sync and wobbles and doesn’t walk with ease. They are all just heavenly. Adopt don’t buy!

4. Where do you live? Beach Street between Hudson and Greenwich.

5. The best deal around: Maybe this isn’t the kind of deal you’re talking about, but here goes. The best deal in Tribeca is the quiet streets of North Tribeca. I’d have to be a bit of a North Tribeca snob, LOL.

6. Most-frequented restaurants: Ivy’s Bistro on Greenwich and N. Moore. I take friends from overseas or business meetings, brunch on weekends with my hubby. I know the staff and they know me. That’s what it’s all about.

By Noah Kalina (courtesy Tribeca Grill)

7. For special occasions, I go to: Tribeca Grill. We went there with family and friends to celebrate our marriage. We got married on the first day it was legal in New York, July 24, 2011.

8. Best sandwich: Jonathan makes a kick-ass tuna, mayo, caper sandwich. He’s an awesome cook. Or the burger at Ivy’s Bistro.

11. I usually order in from Ivy’s Bistro, and I always order the Ivy burger with bacon, mushroom and blue cheese.

12. I can’t resist popping into: Canis Minor for something for one of our little angels.

13. The last non-essential item I bought: I’m pretty practical. I just don’t understand non-essential items.

15. I’m so glad building restrictions are in the neighborhood, because without them I’d be inundated with people.

16. How I stay fit: I go to the NYSC. Cardio and weights.

19. A recent enthusiasm: Adopting our two new family members. There’s nothing more enthusiastic than the love of a dog.

21. A recent case of sticker shock: Anything from Bubby’s. Are those prices really necessary? I don’t think so.

23. Rainy-day activity: Curling up with my husband and our dogs catching up on silly TV and eating anything we want.

27. I’m sorry, Bubby’s, but I won’t be coming back.

29. I tend to take out-of-towners to: Ivy’s and Sarabeth’s. Sarabeth’s is a great new addition to Tribeca. We took our sister and niece there.

30. I wish I lived in…. River Lofts. It’s my favourite in all of Tribeca.

31. My very favorite spot: On the couch with my family. Whether here in Tribeca or at our home upstate.

32. Pet peeve: Bad drivers who drive too fast in this neighbourhood. This is not a friggin’ highway, it’s our home.

33. If money were no object, I’d start a no-kill animal sanctuary.

35. My most memorable celebrity sighting: When you see a celebrity they just going about their day so there is nothing memorable about it. I think this is a silly question.

37. The most romantic spot around: Anywhere I’m with my husband. Yes we are that mushy together.

Bogardus Plaza

38. Tribeca could use more pedestrian malls—i.e., close more streets and make them for people and less traffic.

39. If I could change one thing about the neighborhood: More Thai restaurants.

43. Someone who lives here who I really think you should meet: Me!

45. If I couldn’t live here, I’d live in Woodstock, N.Y.

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  1. Charming! I just love when people gush on about their spouses ;) I don’t go to Bubby’s either cause I think they’re overpriced.

  2. Love Stephen – used to work with him!
    Bubby’s is a true rip and it isn’t even tasty though the staff is very nice..
    Glad you mentioned it.

    Happy 2012!

  3. Thanks so much for this. I love this avenue for TriBeCan’s to speak. Hi Lisa!