Seen & Heard: Blue Smoke

••• Downtown Dance Factory has a new teacher—Ashley Rich, whom you might recognize from TV: “Many people will know her as a finalist in the most recent season of the Fox TV hit, ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ Ashley’s moving from LA and her first NYC job is with Downtown Dance Factory, teaching some of our ballet & jazz/hip hop classes.”

••• Blue Smoke is on track to open “in some capacity” this week, “but may not be serving food at that time.” (That means it’ll be serving drinks and bar snacks.) Actually, for all I know, it opened yesterday. If you walk by and see anything, let me know at North End Grill, meanwhile, should follow in a week or two. UPDATE: Reader Hudson River popped by and reports that Blue Smoke isn’t open yet, but Beans and Greens is, next to the movie theater: “It’s one of those salad bars where they do it for you, with some muffins and pastries. Very nice, cheery interior.”

••• Ed “Burnsie” Burns’s latest film, Newlyweds, is now available on DVD and as a download. Judging from the trailer—I haven’t grown comfortable with paying $15 for a download yet—it’s possibly the Tribeckiest movie ever made.



  1. Re: Newlyweds – I think we’re all going to have fun playing spot your building.

  2. Maybe Estancia 460 (which is in the movie) can host a viewing party!

  3. I already spotted my building in the trailer! Ed Burns is a great filmmaker, showing us life as it really is or can be & he doesn’t get enough recognition for his whole body of work. Bravo Ed Burns!!