In the News: Marian Gaborik

••• The Wall Street Journal looks at how filmmakers like to shoot at Cortlandt Alley, Staple Street, Franklin Place, and Theater Alley (in FiDi).

••• “The artist Arman established himself as an early critic of consumerism by creating art from garbage and shattered objects. Now a lot in Tribeca used by the artist as a studio until his death will be transformed into luxury condominiums. Indeed, the condo project at 482 Greenwich St. [rendering at left] represents an unusual partnership between an artist and a real-estate developer—two groups that have often found themselves at odds over Tribeca’s rapid gentrification.” North of Canal ≠ Tribeca! — The Wall Street Journal

••• Coming soon: Weather Up Austin. —Eater

••• Blue Line Station recaps”’24-7 – Road to the NHL Winter Classic: “Later on, we are treated to [New York Ranger Martin Marion Marian] Gaborik’s purchase of a Christmas tree outside a Whole Foods in Tribeca.” Smart shopper! “A humorous scene shows Gaborik to be not unlike many other of his fellow New Yorkers as he picks up the tree and carries it back to his apartment on his own. As someone in a similar position who used a shopping cart to bring a tree home, you could not help but feel somewhat less masculine after the scene.”

••• Curbed on Skylofts now that it’s sold out: “The average recorded sale price thus far has been $2,105/square foot, which compares favorably to the average listing price of $2,050/square foot.”

••• “Repairs to a landmarked building have created another delay for the seemingly never-ending water main project on Fulton Street, city officials said last week.” Seemingly?DNAinfo

••• “Ever since the Occupy Wall Street protests took off, the [“Wall Street”] bull statue […] has been sequestered behind gun-metal gray barriers by the NYPD. And there it will stay, Mike made clear this week.” —New York Post

••• What the 31-story Fairfield Inn being built at 30 Fletcher will look like. (That’s south of the Seaport.) —Curbed



  1. His name is Marion Gaborik, not Martin

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