Photo Safari: Busted

I'm not usually one for crosses, but Bogardus Mansion on Murray looked very pretty around Christmas.

If you've ever wanted to see inside one of those "Water testing stations"—this one is on Warren—here's your shot.

Your tree is illegally parked.

The award for Classiest Christmas Tree Disposal, meanwhile, goes to....

Like London Bridge, but not.

Get out the blue tape!

Speaking of tape: Thanks to the reader who sent in this photo of North End Grill's door. Note the tape with "pull" written on it—and the lack of any way to actually pull open said door. (Maybe that's one way to keep the non-friends-and-family out?)

You'd be chilly, too, if you were made of metal.



  1. Great photos Erik. Amazing how you find such interesting things to shoot.

  2. made my day. Those water testing stations look like they’re from 1925.