In the News: Wilzig World

••• The New York Post visit the Tribeca home of Alan Wilzig, a colorful co-founder of Kutsher’s Tribeca. What the piece lacks in photos, it makes up for in text. To the highlights!
—”With a Crestron home-automation system that turns a room pink or purple at the touch of a button, a 550-gallon fish tank, a tanning room with a dry-heat sauna, a private garage for motorcycles and even a collection of uranium glass (perfectly safe, we’re assured), Alan Wilzig’s 7,500-square-foot Hubert Street townhouse takes things to another level.”
—It has bulletproof windows, “2,500-square-foot rooftop garden and a 1,000-square-foot backyard patio that houses a hot tub big enough for eight people.”
—”The 14-foot-long fish tank that holds a family of butterfly koi. (Wilzig thinks they’re happy because his lighting controls can turn the color of the white fish to red, yellow, blue or whatever mood strikes him.) And a 10-foot-long skylight above the main staircase can be transformed to the color of a pink sunset or the blue of a sunny day.”
—”In the media room, one wall is covered in a material called Screen Goo; it’s a specially formatted line of acrylic paint for video projection that turns the wall into a super-size screen for movies and TV.”
—”Wilzig turned the master bedroom into a ‘safe’ room. The door is made of heavyweight steel with unbreakable locks. There’s a peephole with a view of the entire hallway.”
—”‘The bed is in reverse,’ Wilzig says of the bedroom. ‘The television is built into the headboard instead of the footboard. That’s because it faces the bath and its glass shower. I find it much more entertaining to watch my beautiful wife take a shower than to watch television.'”
—At least for now: “Wilzig is also launching a reality TV show with Lionsgate Entertainment. Its working title is ‘Wilzig World,’ and the plan is to start broadcasting by next fall. With the exception of his sister, Sherry (who Wilzig says is ‘normal and conservative’), the show will focus on Wilzig’s flamboyant family. ‘I think it’s safe to say that she’s the only 76-year-old Jewish grandmother who owns 5,000 pieces of erotic art and runs her World Erotic Art Museum in the heart of South Beach.’

••• “Lower Manhattan is welcoming more newborns at a rate higher than any neighborhood in the borough, new birth data shows. Community Board 1, which covers the area south of Canal Street, saw an astounding 1,086 babies born in 2010—a 12 percent increase over 2009 and more than twice as many babies as were born in 2001, according to new figures released by the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.” —DNAinfo

••• Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz bought a place in Soho. Did anyone ever see Craig on Warren Street, where he owns an apartment? —Curbed


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  1. Get thee in there for some “loft peeping”. I know you are as curious as I am to see more and it sounds like there’s no shortage of eclectic décor. And, anyone willing to subject themselves to the reality TV experience must be keen to show off their place.