Loft Peeping: 101 Warren

Shelter website Houzz featured an apartment in 101 Warren designed by Boston-based Stephanie Sabbe: “Sabbe’s client loves modern and eclectic colors and patterns, so Sabbe dressed up the minimalist apartment with textiles her client loved”—not to mention a lot of interesting wallpaper! A few details from Vanessa Brunner’s text that struck me:

••• “The 3D artwork on the living room wall is a DIY collaboration between Sabbe, her client and her client’s boyfriend. The birds are simply cut out of construction paper and mounted to the wall using tacky putty.”
••• Sabbe “only had to make three trips from Boston to the apartment in New York for purchasing, coordination, and installation.”
••• The second bedroom has a Murphy bed (you should be able to spot it). The bottom of the bed is covered in the same wallpaper as the surrounding wall.
••• You’ll notice there’s a glimpse of a pretty staircase. The apartment is on two floors.
••• Is there a nicer phrase than “Hotel-style bedding”?

Read the article for the full scoop. And click these pix to enlarge…

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  1. Love this! I have the perfect piece of art for over the bed. Love the existing pieces! Well done.

  2. Love this segment!! Would be thrilled to see more — thanks for such a treat!!