Seen & Heard: Annelore

••• “Hudson Market [f.k.a. Jin Market and Picnic Basket] renovation is almost complete,” a friend emailed a few days ago. “Big improvement in layout in the front half. Better, cleaner stock in the back—I may even buy more than milk there now.” She suggested I swing by, and I finally did. I agree! So much more welcoming.

••• The restaurant-grading system is kind of dippy, but many of you have voiced concerns about Bubby’s scores in the past. Well, it just got an A.

••• Women’s fashion boutique Annelore is open at 18 Jay; half of the space is the atelier of designer Juliana Cho. Looking forward to visiting it tomorrow….

••• Kutsher’s Tribeca begins serving brunch this Saturday (10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). Read the menu. My better other half will be happy to see the LEO, but I’m not sure about $5 for bagel with a schmear. Is Kutsher’s also a hotel?

••• 137 Franklin is certainly coming along.



  1. @Erik, who was your source for the “A”? DOH? I guess we should applaud Bubby’s for cleaning up the f**king filthy conditions? Can the customers that ate during the 62 f**king violations get a refund? If they can’t keep the f**king place clean and safe, how can I trust them to cook my f**king food?

  2. @Buzz: With all due respect, it doesn’t sound like you’ll ever trust Bubby’s to cook your food.

  3. @Erik, thanks for not disrespectin’ me. Customers can trust them if they can just do the one basic thing that is expected of them – keep it clean and safe. It’s not a joke if the place is unsanitary or a potential health hazard. Think of all the children that eat there, I guess some parents don’t care.

  4. Kutsher’s is a hotel up in the Catskills. Think Dirty Dancing – Kellermans

  5. Kutshers has cheese blintzes! yay. I was so disappointed that Sara Beths did not bring cheese blintzs to Tribeca.

  6. @Cookie: I was actually making a (dumb) joke about how $5 for a bagel seems like what you’d pay at a hotel….

  7. Bubby’s Brooklyn got an A. – Bubby’s Tribeca has a C and received 62 violation points on 1/12/2012. To receive the lowest grade of a C requires 28 violation points. Bubby’s was more than twice that. I really don’t understand how the DOH allows that disgusting cesspool to remain open. Bubby’s consistently receives an alarming amount of violations on almost EVERY inspection yet remains open…… Astonishing!
    Google it, people!
    Seriously disgusting….


  9. BUBBY’S 120 HUDSON STREET MANHATTAN, 10013 212-219-0666 American 01/24/2012 A
    BUBBY’S BROOKLYN 1 MAIN STREET BROOKLYN, 11201 718-222-0666 American 09/29/2011 A

    thats what I see

  10. Don’t be confused, consider Bubby’s f**king track record and take your chances. It’s also nice to see Bubby’s is such a good f**king ambassador to Japan in dispelling the American f**king stereotype.

    Inspection Violation
    Date Points
    01/24/2012 9
    01/12/2012 62
    10/03/2011 10
    08/22/2011 58
    08/08/2011 64
    07/29/2011 49
    03/18/2011 10
    03/03/2011 22
    03/03/2010 19
    10/23/2009 13

  11. hey confused you are obviously a shill for that cesspool bubby’s

    [unrelated] by the way, i got the joke about the bagel

  12. But this last time, it was an A

  13. @confused, maybe you have food poisoning? Yes, it’s an “A” now, as of 1/23/12, it was “C” or was it hiding 62 violations behind “GRADE PENDING,” so you better hurry and eat up in case the violations start returning, but there is no history of that occurring, is there?

  14. Hey Dude, so not that, a shill, really, trust me
    Erics information was correct.. it has an A at this moment, which is what he reported, CONCERNED said the info was incorrect and to check the DOH site, which I did.
    Buzz (name related to being over caffeinated perhaps), no food poisoning here, y’all need to relax.

  15. Agreed, Eric was correct and Bubby’s can be “clean” or it can be f**king filthy. Time to chill, b*tches.