Seen & Heard: Battery Place Market

••• I was walking by 93 Worth the other day—that’s the big building at the northwest corner of Broadway that’s going condo—when I noticed that one of the permits mentions adding four floors. Sure enough, the building will be growing, but only on the Broadway side. Still, that’s bound to be bad news for whoever lives in the southeast corner on the top two floors of 88 Leonard.

••• Goldman Alley update #1: Harry’s Italian [in case you thought he was Irish] appears to be moving forward; it has a sign. (It’s to the north of Wei West.)

••• This may only be of interest to those of us who type “Tribeca” into our iPhones a lot (only to see it autocorrected to TriBeCa, which I’m not a fan of). On Twitter, @Adam807 sent someone else these instructions on a workaround: “go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts and make a shortcut where Tribeca = Tribeca. Will override autocorrect.” (I needed help with the last step. Basically, if you type did “Tribeca” as the phrase, and “tribeca” as the shortcut, whenever you type “tribeca” it’ll autocorrect to “Tribeca” and not “TriBeCa.”) Another yuppie problem solved!

••• Jem Café is closed for renovation till Feb. 14, maybe sooner. It opened in October….

••• Goldman Alley update #2: I popped into the new Battery Place Market offshoot this morning. I do wish there were more places to tie up a dog in Goldman Alley, but whatever. It’s a nice modern deli, if tiny, with an awesome floor.

Repeat after me: Art is anal. Art is anal. Art is anal….



  1. aaah! the “TriBeCa” autocorrect is the bane of my yuppie existence!! thanks!

  2. Thanks for the update on Jem….was wondering what was going on there.