Tall, Thin, and Futuristic

The narrow vacant lot at 19 Park (it goes through to Murray) is about to sprout a 21-story condo building. The last anyone had heard about it was in October of 2010, when Curbed posted a rendering. Recently, however, one of those city construction-update signs went up on Murray. I called ABN Realty, the developer listed on the sign, and I was told that construction will start in the next couple of weeks—and that Ismael Leyva‘s rather futuristic design is still happening. According to the sign, construction will be done by the end of November 2013.

Here are some rendering’s from Leyva’s site….

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  1. I thought sliver buildings were no longer allowed. Oh, wait, whatever this mayor wants . . .

    At least the Ratner/Gehry building will now have company being totally out of fit with the neighborhood.