In the News: If the Giants Win…

••• If the Giants win, the parade will be Tuesday, “running from Battery Park to roughly Chambers Street at the northern end of City Hall Park. […] For those who do have windows that open, the [Downtown] Alliance has free confetti by the bale. […] On Tuesday morning, if all goes according to plan, an Alliance truck will make its massive confetti run at the crack of dawn, delivering huge bundles of paper before the roads are closed.”

••• “Louis F. Latilla, 65, and his wife, Terrie Latilla, 59 [who] live in Tribeca and own the Manhattan Fruit Exchange at Chelsea Market,” told the New York Times about dining at the West Village restaurant RedFarm. No offense to the Latillas, but it’s a pretty dumb column—although not as dumb as the NYT article about how the Giants have fairy dust on their side.

••• “Battery Park City’s Liberty Luxe Penthouse Wants $29,500/Month,” laughs Curbed.

A few Seen & Heard items that don’t quite warrant their own post:

••• “Coming soon” signage has been put up at the new Kaffe 1668 (on Greenwich bet Beach and Hubert).

••• I hear Super Linda isn’t opening until at least Wednesday.

••• I had to spend most of Saturday night in the emergency room—not because of me (I would never get sick at such an inconvenient time)—and it was my first experience of any kind with the New York Downtown Hospital. I’ve never gotten the impression that anyone there reads this site, but if they do, thanks again for being extremely considerate.


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  1. I’ve been to NYDH’s ER a few times over the last 30+ years, and it’s no better or worse than any other I’ve been to (the late St. Vincent’s). They have a tough time, esp. now being the only hospital for a huge chunk of Manhattan, and caring for a lot of non-English speakers. From what I’ve seen, they do try very hard to be helpful to all under the difficult circumstances of the ER.

    Their medical practice is a whole different story . . . that’s why I switched to NYU Trinity.