In the News: Sean Avery

By Lexie Moreland for WWD

••• WWD talks to hockey star and local restaurateur Sean Avery: “‘I would really like to come back as a Tribeca housewife,’ Avery says, halfway into a neatly tailored chalk-striped gray wool suit. ‘It’s just amazing, you know?’ he goes on. ‘8:30 in the morning you just drop the kids off at school. You probably didn’t even have to get them ready for school because I’m sure somebody’s doing that. And then you go bang out a workout. And then you probably hit one of those places down there for breakfast maybe. And then I don’t know what happens the rest of the day. I guess you kind of just cruise…hit a board meeting for one of the charities that you’re on. And then you go shopping.'” But then Avery decides he’d get bored, not realizing that boredom is part of the drill, too. That’s why God invented wine!

••• “A crane dropped a load of steel beams at the World Trade Center construction site Thursday morning and crushed a truck, witnesses and fire officials said. A witness at the site said a cable snapped on the crane, perched atop Tower 3, and sent its load of steel beams plummeting from 45 stories onto a truck below. The driver of the truck wasn’t injured, witnesses said.” —DNAinfo

••• People can no longer walk their dogs across 59 Maiden Lane Plaza. —Broadsheet

••• “Rap executive Damon Dash has set his sights on Asia and is launching a new branch of his DD172 brand in Hong Kong. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Dame Dash has partnered with Hong Kong rapper MC Yan and American business woman Shelly Pecot, who now resides in the country. According to the article, their goal is to launch DD172 as a ‘talent incubator,’ much like the business”—is that the right word?—”he opened in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York in 2010.” —AllHipHop News

••• “Dylan Ratigan, who rants for a living every afternoon on MSNBC, has been occasionally compared to Howard Beale, the iconic TV anchorman in the prescient 1976 movie Network who urges Americans to shout out the window: “We’re as mad as hell and we’re not gonna take this anymore.” But to hear Ratigan explain his anger, he’s more in the mold of Martin Luther, a renegade priest on a holy mission to save capitalism from the corruption of its body and soul.” This is only relevant because he “still lives in Tribeca half a block from Citigroup headquarters, or what he calls ‘South Hedge-istan.'” Oh, shut up. —National Journal

••• Inside this Montauk Grifter post on Gawker is a con involving a Tribeca apartment.

••• “The 1893 Lettie G. Howard, a designated National Historic Landmark, is in worse shape than initially thought. The South Street Seaport Museum estimates it will take $250,000 to get her sailing again and officials are asking the public for help.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “GQ [has] named the Ten Best New Restaurants of 2011, and second spot on their list […] is David Bouley’s Japanese restaurant in Tribeca Brushstroke. […] Also this is cute: ‘When I asked Yamada, the chef, how much credit the revered Bouley deserved for Brushstroke, he replied, ‘Say 70 to 80 percent in your magazine, but actually it is 20 percent.'” —Eater



  1. Wow … as someone who has spent a lot of time and money at Warren 77 (and given them press in this very publication!) and who is also a Tribeca mom (who works hard both as a mom and in her “paid work”), Sean Avery certainly knows how to alienate his clientele. Well done!

  2. Seriously … is this supposed to bring in business? Has he really taken the time to meet ANY of his clientele at Warren 77? I’ve spent a lot of time at that place and have never seen him, though I should mention, we won’t be scheduling our staff holiday parties there anymore. I think the same point he makes could be made for someone who gets paid to “play”.

  3. Someone’s communications director called in sick that day?

  4. You seem to have a rare and arguably valuable journalistic talent for drawing out the douche in subjects.

  5. “I would really like to come back as a Sean Avery,” Smithers says, halfway into a rhubarb crepe.

“Sean’s just like amazing, you know, like?” he goes on. “8:30-ish in the morning you just drop the gloves and fight anyone you want because it’s tough, mature, classy and sells ads. You probably didn’t even have to drop the gloves yourself because I’m sure you could have gotten David Lipman to place them gently on the floor for you. And then you can go look at yourself in the mirror. And then you probably hit one of those tattoo places for a new tatt or two. And then I don’t know what happens the rest of the day. I guess you just arrange flowers all day…hit the bathroom and look at the pictures in Elle Décor or AD. And then you go shopping for dress socks.” 

“I mean no,” he says reconsidering. “It would last two minutes and then I’d go crazy. I’d definitely go batshit crazy.”

  6. Quit yer bitchin’ ladies (that means you too David) it’s called humor. If you don’t understand Sean you would not like him in the first place. 99% of what he said is true, now go get a colonic.

  7. Smithers(?) That says it all.

  8. Yeah, let’s go get a colonic, bitches (you too, David)! I’m buying!! It feels soooo goood. You can’t possibly understand the complexities of Sean, he is five humor levels above what anyone is doin’ right now. He is the 99%!! Speak Truth to Tribeca Housewives!! Wooooooord!

  9. I didn’t say Sean was complex. I didn’t say he was five humor levels above anyone. You apparently have enough time on your hands to sit at a keyboard and dog someone you obviously don’t like. I love the Avery haters.
    Can’t stand the guy, but stalk him on every site his name pops up on. Do us all a favor Jim, come up with an original thought instead of copying and pasting other peoples comments. Your third person comment was a riot.
    Hurry up . . . your tea is getting cold

  10. Quit yer bitchin’, Karl (that doesn’t mean you, David) it’s called humor. If you don’t understand JIm and his free time, then you would not like him in the first or second place. 110% of what he said is true-ish, now do us all a favor and go get Jim, Mr. Avery and the Tribeca Housewife Cabal (THC) a gift certificate for a colonic….and an iced tea.

  11. Original. You probably have a tapestry of dogs playing poker on the wall of your den.

  12. It’s not a tapestry, it’s a mural. And it’s not on my wall, it’s on my ceiling. Isn’t that original, Karl?

  13. That’s a start . . . at least you’re walking upright.

  14. Hilarious, Jim — thanks!!

  15. Karl, seriously, I am trying to play along, but what the f**k are you talking about?

    SJW – This isn’t a joke, Karl is trying really hard to make his point. i just wish he get there.

  16. Nope, you really didn’t. But you keep tryin’. “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.” – Oscar Wilde

  17. Another original thought from Smithers.

  18. Oh, my dear, sweet, little Karl, how I’d hoped you’d be a worthy adversary. But my shoulders and my cut & paste shortcut keys have grown so very weary of carrying the intellectual and copyright infringing portion of this tit-for-tat. It’s time to move on. God’s speed to you, Mr. Avery.

  19. It looks like it’s back to the gym for me then. Sorry I couldn’t match your punch rate. God bless you sir.

  20. Isn’t Sean’s life already like a housewife’s?