Seen & Heard: Café Closed

••• Jem Café has closed. Owner Davis Thompkins says it’s due to a disagreement with the owners of the Jem Fabric Warehouse.

••• Pediatric Ophthalmic Consultants on Reade looks like it’s finally going to open. The paper is off the windows. It’s somewhat fancy inside.

••• Look, it’s Super Linda‘s Super Linda’s dinner menu (PDF).

••• Press release: “State Senator Daniel Squadron welcomed the launch of a new, interactive State Liquor Authority website, created with funding he secured and aimed at making liquor licenses more efficient and transparent for communities and businesses. The new website went live this evening and can be accessed at In 2009, Senator Squadron, along with Speaker Silver in the Assembly, secured the reallocation of $369,000 in SLA funding to build the website and help the agency make other technology upgrades.”


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  1. thanks for sharing the Super Linda menu – not quite what I expected it to be!