Loft Peeping: Emily Stone

Today’s New York Times Home section has an article called “Taking the Chill Off Contemporary”—it’s a look at the Tribeca apartment of Emily Stone, whose life is more interesting than yours. “She is currently a yoga teacher at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in Manhattan and San Francisco, and an editor of gay romance novels. But there was also a two-year stint as an online celebrity gossip reporter and several years as a Latin instructor at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn. And she earned an M.F.A. in creative writing from Hunter College; she is in the beginning stages of writing a book about spiritual and emotional rebirth.” I bet!

She bought the one-bedroom in One York (the white-and-glass building at Laight and Sixth) in 2008 for $1.3 million, when the building was still under construction; “since graduating from college, she had been living with roommates in a rental above a pizzeria in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, for about 15 years.” Which is a long time. She was worried about the new place looking like “Mickey Rourke’s apartment in 9 1/2 Weeks or ‘The Jetsons.’” (One could argue that knowing what Mickey Rourke’s apartment looks like only shows how much you care.) Enter her friend Kajsa Krause, an interior designer.

Gotta say: It looks great, and I’d gladly come over to drink clear liquids. Click to enlarge the photos below—by Trevor Tondro—or go over to the New York Times’s site (click the link in the first sentence above) for the full slideshow and full article by Emily Weinstein.

A few details from the captions:
• “Ms. Krause designed the two bedside tables, which pair lacquer with reclaimed teak; Amir Mughal of AAM Design, in Brooklyn, built them.”
• “The painting [of someone bending over backward] is by Edward Vilga, another friend.”
• “Ms. Stone’s mother made this [awesome] embroidered pillow with the elephants Babar and Celeste in the 1970s.”
• The chair under the yellow painting is from Mondo Cane on Duane Street.
• “A desk is hidden in the built-in cabinets in the living room.”

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