In the News: A House Divided on Hubert Street

••• “The Port [Authority is bringing in] Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel as a public art consultant for the World Trade Center. Part of her job will be to figure out exactly what art would be appropriate for the site, and where, but the exact aspects of the consultation is still being worked out. […] Ms. Diamonstein Spielvogel is donating her time pro bono to the agency.” —New York Observer

••• Manhattan Loft Guy on a sale at 150 Nassau.

••• Commemorating the 19th anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center attack. —DNAinfo

••• About that crane accident at 4WTC: “City, state and federal investigators flooded the site in the wake of the Feb. 16 accident, but so far none have come to any conclusions about why the cable failed.” –DNAinfo

••• “A top architect and a prominent retailer are at war over a $9.25 million Tribeca building that they co-own and separately live and work in, according to a lawsuit. Internationally known architect Winka Dubbeldam allegedly duped Stephen Werther, owner ofthe Winkboutique chain, out of nearly 1,000 square feet of the building at 11 Hubert St.—worth about $1 million, Werther says in the Manhattan Civil Court filing. Werther claims that Dubbeldam, an award-winning architect, ‘abused her position of relative power to deceive her client and partner’ when she drew up the plans to divide the building, court papers show. Dubbeldam told The Post that Werther’s claim is nonsense—because he signed and approved everything. Werther works and lives in one part of the building with his wife and two kids, while Dubbeldam lives and works out of another.” —New York Post


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  1. 1%ers’ problems.