In the News: Why 1WTC Is Red

••• “The whole upper plaza [of the World Financial Center] will re-open with a site-specific sculpture created by the noted Argentinian artist, Adrian Villar Rojas. [That’s it above.] The work, entitled ‘Before My Birth,’ is being displayed concurrently with a related site-specific work, “A person loved me,” at the New Museum. […] Two other artworks are planned inside […] later this month. Artist Molly Dilworth will transform temporary construction barriers inside the Center with an 85-foot mural “36 ° 30′,” a meditation on global trade and labor. In late March, Toronto-based Katharine Harvey will present “Chandelier,” a stunning 21-foot-tall, 15-foot-wide chandelier made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.” (Photo by Jesse Untracht-Oakner courtesy the WFC) —Broadsheet

••• “Former United States soccer player Claudio Reyna is [trying] to sell his condo at the Cipriani Club Residences at 55 Wall St. Reyna has put his Financial District apartment on the market for $1.15 million.” —New York Post

••• One World Trade Center is being lit red in honor of cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, who believes I shouldn’t be allowed to get married. —A Great Big City (Photo courtesy AGBC)



  1. @Erik – You shouldn’t be allowed to marry. You haven’t suffered enough. Be patient. You haven’t had the appropriate amount of happiness denied from your life. I am still coming to grips with women being allowed to vote. Oy. The “honorable” Chris Christie was right to veto the gay marriage bill that was passed by the legislators that were elected by the citizens of NJ to represent them. He did it in order to allow the citizens of NJ to vote on it directly, without having to go through the legislators whom they elected. Cut out the middleman. It’s a pure democracy, all legislation should be put back into the hands of everyday people and dissolve all government representation. I bet you Christie’s belt would like to veto his second and third helpings of mashed potatoes.

  2. Wait, so having a mosque near Ground Zero is bad, but using a government owned building at Ground Zero to promote another religion is okay? What happened to separation of church & state(s)?

  3. Why red? to commemorate the the thousands of children raped and molested by said Cardinal’s employer?

  4. I thought it was lit RED in honor of Satan? Or was it to honor the Vatican in recognition of helping Nazis to escape and the end of WWII? I don’t know, I am always confusing the two.

  5. @Jim Smithers: If we allowed voters to decide constitutional issues, slavery would still be legal.

  6. @Kevin H. – Thanks for the enlightenment. Next time I will remember to be sarcastic. Who made slavery legal to begin with? Who gave us such an unfair tax code? Who made it illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey?