In the News: Best of New York

Courtesy 7eventytwo

••• Tribeca is well represented in New York Magazine’s Best of New York issue: “Best Deli Plate” (Kutsher’s Tribeca), “Best Cocktail Bar” (Silver Lining), “Best Jazz Show” (“The Checkout” at 92YTribeca), “Best Chawanmushi” (Brushstroke), “Best Kiddie Gym” (eXerBlast), “Best Teen Hangout” (7eventytwo—or is it 72?—at the Church Street School for Music and Art), “Teaching Centers” (Downtown Dance Factory), “Dresses (Office)” (Annelore), and “Best Used Kids Furniture” (Recrib, which was founded by Tribecans). But then there’s this: “Erase those clichés from your mind with a visit to Boerum Hill’s Flavor Paper, whose products line the Tribeca Steve Madden boutique and the upcoming Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg.” Italics mine: Broadway between Prince and Spring is pretty squarely Soho. Also, Il Matto was listed for best martini, even though the restaurant has been White & Church for a while now. When I read the print version I’ll probably find more—the online version is a bit of a jumble.

••• UPDATE: I missed a few—Best Hybrid Workout (Bari Studio), Best Downscale Beauty Mecca (Duane Reade Wall Street), Best One-Stop Family Fun (Pier 25).

••• The New Yorker has a short story by Donald Antrim that’s set at a book party in Tribeca. Or at least that’s what the magazine’s fiction-related Twitter feed said; I don’t have access to The New Yorker’s website. I probably could because I subscribe to the print version, but do I really need to not read The New Yorker twice a week? Anyway, you can read a Q&A with Antrim about it.

••• The Ambrose ship returned to the Seaport Museum after getting repairs. —CBS New York

••• Related? “Grub Street learns that South Street Seaport hang Yankee Clipper seems to have closed; according to Amodeo Auctions, the premises are to be demolished. A call to the restaurant-bar finds the number disconnected. So get down there and grab those flat-screen TVs if you’re in the market.” [Note: See comments for why the number is disconnected.]



  1. Wow! Poor reporting on Grub Street’s part. The Yankee Clipper closed 15 months ago (a year and 3 months) when OTB was shut down by the state. The restaurant was up for lease asking a reported $33,000 per month for the huge triplex space. The “For Rent” sign was taken down about 3 weeks ago implying that it may have been leased. The restaurant is located in a landmark building from 1840! It is one of the city’s oldest structures and it is most certainly NOT being “Demolished”! It may be gutted for a new use but that is quite different from demolished. Grub should print a retraction and correction.

  2. Per my “FiDi Fan Page” on Facebook: The Yankee Clipper Restaurant, which was an OTB outlet until it was shut by the state 15 months ago, has been leased to another restaurateur. An application has been made for a liquor license. This is a huge tri-level space that had a reported asking rent of $33K per month!