New Kid on the Block: Woodrow’s

“We’re serving really good food at a decent price,” says Erin Garmont, owner of Woodrow’s, which just opened on Murray. If that—and the general vibe—brings to mind a place like Walker’s, that could be because Garmont once worked there, among other restaurants (and in legal compliance at a hedge fund).

The space used to be Biddy Early’s, but the beer pong is gone. Garmont also cleaned up the wood around the bar, redid the floors, and upgraded the lighting, among other improvements. “I wanted something between a dive and a fancy restaurant,” she says. “The kind of place where a woman can come in and not be afraid of how dirty the bathroom might be.”

Upstairs is a long bar with 18 stools. The dining room, which has seating for 45 (if you count the nook off the bar), is in the rear. “We’re going for an old-New-York atmosphere. I named it Woodrow’s because Woodrow Wilson was president when Prohibition was enacted, and I wanted that speakeasy feel.” It didn’t hurt that Garmont’s dog, a French bulldog/Boston terrier mix, is named Wilson. “Not that I’m a crazy dog person or anything,” she says, pulling out her phone to show me photos of Wilson.

One guess who that is

The menu is along the lines of what you’d expect, with an emphasis on steak. (The lunch and dinner menus are posted below; click to enlarge.) The upstairs bar has 24 beers on tap, while there will be five craft beers downstairs.

I’m getting ahead of myself: There’s also a huge downstairs, opening next week. It has a dozen bar seats, while the rest of the room will have a “lounge-y feel” with club chairs and a fireplace nook. “We’ll be emphasizing high-end wines and whiskey down here,” says Garmont, giving me a tour. “And we’ll host brewmaster days and Scotch events.”

Woodrow’s is open from 8 a.m. Monday through Saturday, serving a limited (non-breakfast) menu till 11 a.m., then lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., then it’s back to the limited menu until 5 p.m., when dinner is available until 1 a.m. It’s also open Sundays from noon to 1 a.m.

Woodrow’s is at 43 Murray (between Church and W. Broadway), 212-676-0300;

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  1. Went here for lunch yesterday… just had a burger but it was very good. Definitely like what they did w/ the space. Very promising!

  2. I was at Woodrow’s this past weekend. Great neighborhood bar. The food was great…especially the burgers and quesadillas! So many beers on tap too. Friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I will defintiely be going back!

  3. What a great place….fantastic food (at great prices), friendly and knowledgable bartenders, and great atmosphere! I will definitely be going back!

  4. Ha – love the story, and they even posted the pick of Wilson on Twitter. Went there for dinner tonight to check it out and it’s just my kind of place, thanks for the keeping us in the loop.

  5. These comments (Jeff, Julie, MB, TadW) don’t read like genuine comments, but rather comments written by Woodrow’s. Sad.

  6. The lack of turkey burgers on the menu – and more non-red meat options – crosses it off my list.

    And, yes, those first comments are clearly fake. Ugh!

  7. My comment was not fake! I went there this weekend with my husband and a few friends and it was great. I love pubs like this. Don’t be such a hater and assume. Have you even stopped by? Dont post comments just to hear yourself talk nonsense.

  8. @Buzz, I’m certainly not Woodrow’s. Erik liked the place, so did I. You seem to be the type who makes quick assumptions. Sad. I managed to get a tour downstairs, made me smile. Try it.
    @Anna, they know to cook steak but there was a lot of chicken and other vegetarian “Ugh!” on the menu, from what I remember. :)

  9. @TadW, MB -You both forgot to end your comment with – “I will definitely be going back!” Fakers are sad. And I am rubber.

  10. Buzz- you are right, fakers are sad. Good thing there aren’t any here… Well except maybe you…. Since you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m from Boston and come to TrBeCa alot. I have nothing to do with woodrows. Except that I probably will go back for the chicken quesadilla.

  11. GMAFB.. I live across the street from Woodrows. Sorry if my “fake” review isn’t to your liking. Go “Buzz” about your miserable life little troll.. the rest of us can be happy about a decent place on Murray Street finally opening.

  12. OMG, I am crushed by your reviews of my comments. I will definitely being coming back to read what you come up with next! ps: I am still rubber and you’re still glue – Fakers! :P

  13. How old are you people? Get it together.

  14. Oh Buzzy.
    If you want to be rubber, be the hollow rubber ducky troll.
    For someone who admittedly hasn’t seen the place, you have quite the big mouth to spout your fake opinions from. My question is, what’s your stake in badmouthing a place that everyone else seems to like?

  15. When did I admit to not seeing the place? My opinions are based on duplicate reviews. What, “Everyone else seems to like?” it’s just you and your imaginary commenters. As Nicole said, Get it together, faker TAD!

  16. First of all – thanks Erik for the nice review! It was a pleasure having you there on opening night and talking about dog crazy people. Your photos are awesome.

    We had quite a lot of people here in the first couple of days. Many friends (thank you all!), many neighbors who came in and were happy to see the changes that were done to the bar and we’ve been giving many tours of our downstairs lounge, Tad, glad you enjoyed yours. And we’re definitely happy to see people definitely come back. :P

    Anna, if you’re missing Turkey Burgers or anything else on the menu, we’re very open to hear your comments and make changes. It’s a new place and we want to make you happy. And if it’s only the red meat, we’re having Wingsanity tonight for the Knicks game. Five different flavors of wings that should make you fly – should!

  17. Why didn’t you thank “Jeff” for coming all the way from “Boston?” This snowball of B.S. keeps getting bigger.

  18. Buzz, feeling ok ? Scroll up, Jeff lives across the steet. My friend MB came all the way
    from Boston for the opening weekend and I’ve thanked her in person.Thanks for watching
    out for my manners.

    Cheers and chill a little, please.

  19. I am having trouble keeping track of the B.S.

  20. I traveled in from Rochester, NY with my wife to support Woodrow’s opening weekend. Great food (burger was cooked perfectly), awesome draft beer options (Coney Island was my fav), and the atmosphere was everything I expect out of an Irish pub (good music selection and friendly staff).

    Wish I was there for the opening of the whiskey room but it just gives me an excuse to come back :).

    To all those who haven’t visited, it’s a great place to relax, catch a ball game and have a tasty burger and beer!

  21. Anna, we really appreciate your feedback. Turkey Burgers are scheduled to be on the menu next week. Hope that crosses us off your crosssed-off-the-list list:)

    Stop by, please.

  22. I enjoyed my Steak and will deffinitly be going back..

  23. Lived on gold st before moving to bklyn. Nice to have an upper-scale place in that neighborhood w/o the big prices. And yes, I do judge a place by the bathrooms!.
    Had the sirloin pepper steak for dinner, was good, very tender. but my waiter sucked major and screwed up everyone’s order (buzz, obviously this was you) The owner was nice and gave us free drinks etc. Will probably go back, next time I am in the city.

  24. I have never been to Woodrow’s but looks good.

    The comments are just too funny – great entertainment for a Friday night.

  25. Will try the burgers soon!

  26. Buzz, you’re an idiotic troll. Hopefully this means I won’t have to deal with you when I’m getting a beer at Woodrow’s.

  27. You’re right, Rick, I will be getting my beer at WALKER’S or WARREN 77. They’re both great restaurants with great food and great drink. I will definitely be going back to WALKER’S and WARREN 77!!! They’re GREEEEAT!!

  28. BUZZ…OFF!
    Woodrow’s is a great addition to the Tribeca restaurant scene..

  29. Milo, you’re so clever. But we, idiotic trolls, really need to stick together. I will go and and see my experience matches the eerily similar reviews posted on TC, Yelp, Menupages, etc. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz