Fun with Autocorrect

babes ta = Babesta

When a friend pointed out that his phone autocorrects Desbrosses to DESbrosses, I got to wondering what else might get amusingly* autocorrected. (*All things being relative.) My understanding of autocorrecting is that it learns from what you fix, so I’m not sure anyone else will see what I saw. Let’s treat is as a game: Can you tell which Tribeca business and street names inspired the autocorrections below? To sweeten the deal, Tribeca Treats has agreed to award a half-dozen delicious cupcakes to the first person to identify all ten. (Email your answers to in the format used in the caption above.)

Bear in mind: Any capital letters—beyond the first one—are a result of autocorrection. And they get harder as you go along.

UPDATE: The contest is over, and the answers are here. You can still play for your own amusement, of course.

P.S. Instructions for stopping your phone from changing Tribeca to TriBeCa are here.

P.P.S. Yes, Smithers, you would have to pick up the cupcakes in person.

P.P.P.S. If your business wants to give away a prize, I’m sure other games can be arranged….


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