Restaurant Closed

Ristorante Aglio, the Italian restaurant that opened just three months ago at 277 Church, closed on February 25. It’s a sign of how low-key the restaurant was—and/or of the difficulty of standing out in a strip of Italian restaurants—that no one seems to have mentioned it up till now. The space was formerly TriBeCafe, and before that, Tokyo Bar; I’m trying to find out if the B Flat folks (who owned it, with consulting help from Greenwich Grill) plan on trying again.



  1. Yes, I think the space is cursed. I believe the Blarney Stone was there for a long time when I was a child (70s) and it has not held on to a restaurant since!

  2. That’s too bad. I thought the food was very good and liked the atmosphere.

  3. It seems the Greenwich Grill people apparently pulled out of their agreement with B Flat.

    Shelley – There’s never been a Blarney Stone there.