Coming Up: “Being Elmo,” Building a Cave, Lonely Phone Booth

MARCH 16–30
“The Cave” is at Frontrunner Gallery: “Produced by Corinne Beardsley, 20 artists and performers are building a cave out of cardboard and wheat pasting newsprint to paint, draw, install sculpture, projections, soundscapes, and host performances of music and theater. The show will inhabit two spaces at 59 Franklin St.—the 400 sq. foot gallery, and its project space in the deep caverns of the building. The audience will discover the dark spaces using crafted flashlight torches.”

World Financial Center has a free screening of acclaimed documentary Being Elmo.

Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan is being screened for free at the World Financial Center.

Citizen Cope is playing City Winery.

APRIL 7–29
The Lonely Phone Booth is at Manhattan Children’s Theatre. Maybe it can hook up with the pay phone at Duane and Church because if the high-pitched tone coming out of it for a week is any indication, that phone is hot and bothered.

“Skyline Sentinels: New York Water Towers,” photographs by Jeremy G. Landau, at Warburg Realty.


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  1. Citizen Cope – count me in!