Ivy’s Bistro Is Closing

As I suspected when the CB1 agendas came out, restaurateur Matt Abramcyk is quintupling his bet on Tribeca: The man behind Warren 77, Smith & Mills, Tiny’s & the Bar Upstairs, and Super Linda is taking over the two-level space currently home to Ivy’s Bistro. No word on when Ivy’s will close [UPDATE: In the comments, owner Mike Gibson says not for a while], and given Abramcyk’s interest in interior design, I’d assume a thorough reinvention is in store—it’ll be called Maritime. Downstairs will be an oyster bar (presumably named No Moore Oysters, per the CB agenda), while upstairs will be the dining room. “I love the corner,” he said when I got him on the phone. “The view over the water is beautiful.” We’ll no doubt learn more at tonight’s meeting of the CB1 Tribeca Committee.



  1. Ivy’s was a great mid-range restaurant. I’m not sure we need another overpriced Abramcyk creation. What happened to casual dining in this neighborhood?

  2. I second that. Does this mean there’s going to be a line of people waiting to get in? That part of Tribeca isn’t particularly “scene-y.” Even Locanda Verde is more laid back that I would have thought. Yuck.

  3. Good food and more so…great people working there.
    They will be missed.

  4. This is such a bummer!!! Ivy’s is the best with a great staff and yummy food. So over all of the new trendy places in Tribeca.

  5. The people at Ivy’s are great, but the food is mediocre at best. The menu was all over the place and tried to offer a bit of everything but resulted in a restaurant with no focus and underwhelming food. Plus, with entrees in the mid-$20’s – low $30’s, I’d hardly call that mid-range. I don’t have an opinion about Matt Abramcyk, but all of his places have character. I think that’s good for the neighborhood.

  6. I’m so sad! I love ivy bistro :( it’s has been my “go to” restaurant, when I had any company in town or just looking for a quick bite to eat. LOVE the garlic bread and pesto sauce!

  7. Ivy’s was mediocre – as a lot of food along Greenwich is. I’m not saying we need another Abramcyk addition – but Ivy’s was never anything special. It would be so great to see something unique, delicious and neighborhood-friendly move into the area. Something like a Casa Mono, Salt (also gone), Tia Pol, Inoteca, Il Buco, etc. – why can’t we have that? There’s nothing that comes close. City Hall? Totally mediocre and feels like a suburban hangout. Blaue Gans? Great, but a weird space that’s like an aircraft hanger. Deans? Nope. Industria Argentina? Nope. Harrison? Nope (gone downhill). Odeon? Yeah, but kinda boring at this point – and somehow not a place you can really love. Landmarc? Good, but somehow not a place you want to spend time. Petite Abeille? No.

    So TriBeCa – what do we have to do to get something great that’s not a Locanda Verde, a Wolfgangs, a Corton, a Tamarind or a Nobu? It has to be possible.

  8. Ivy’s is not closing for awhile. We hope to see everyone very soon. Will try and work on the mediocre feel as well.
    I always wanted a comfort food -local place.
    MikeGibson owner of Ivy’s Bistro

  9. Any chance Ivy’s will relocate to a new location in TriBeCa? We will miss it immensely.

  10. we aren’t going anywhere…no worries.
    hope to see you all soon.

  11. Mike –

    I used to be a regular at your place. You’d recognize me if you saw me. Your crazy prices drove me away. Turkey burger for $14? Glass of wine a happy hour for $10+? Are you aware that both GST and the Grill (one block in either direction from you) have happy hour specials for half of those prices?

  12. Agree with previous post. Food is quite good, but overpriced for the casual spot. Salads without any special ingredients start at 15 bucks. Also, the decor just looks run down. Needs a paint job and better stuff on walls. Would love to see the place stay casual and have similar food, but priced like Walkers. Like the staff, hope they stay on.

  13. i’ll take your last two posts and try to expand on them.
    as far as Happy hour – its $4.00 well drinks and $4.00 beers m-f 4-7
    as well as weekends 1/2 price sangria…

    just a little confused by your pricing information though?
    our burger is 11.95 (same as tavern) and our turkey burger is 12.95
    and veggie burger is 10.95…?(cheaper than tavern)
    also our salads range form 7.95-16.95

    I dont see this anywhere on the block…it’s much higher priced in the area.

    But, like i said thank you and we’ll try to get get back…